Past Events

Apr 1934

Soprano, with Celius Dougherty, acc.

Mar 1934


Jan 1934

Violinist, with Emanuel Bay, acc.

Dec 1933

Tenor, with Julian Huarte, acc.

Nov 1933

Oct 1933

Soprano, with Henry Woempner, flute soloist, with Herbert Carrick, acc.

Apr 1933

Tenor, with Edwin Schneider, acc.

Feb 1933

Jan 1933

Soprano, with Erno Balogh, acc.

Dec 1932

With Eugene Ormandy, director, and Charles Courboin, organist

Nov 1932

Soprano, with Raymond Williams, flute soloist, and Homer Samuels, acc.
Violinist, with Isidor Achron, acc.

Mar 1932


Feb 1932