University Honors Program

As a pan-collegiate academic unit with an enrollment of over 2300 undergraduates, the University Honors Program (UHP) assists high-achieving students in making the most of their undergraduate education at the University of Minnesota. Our students join the program already motivated to excel both inside and outside the classroom, but we challenge them to go one step further—UHP staff and associated faculty guide and encourage them to join and participate in the University’s broader mission of research and scholarship as they develop into creative, independent, and informed thinkers.

UHP will make its presence felt in every corner of the revitalized Northrop. The program sponsors a broad spectrum of events throughout the academic year, some of which will bring our students' work to Northrop's galleries and performance spaces. Our Honors Seminars and Global Challenge Courses will be held in the Seminar Room, which will also provide a space for Latin Honors candidates to present their theses. Finally, the annual Honors Recognition Ceremony and reception, which celebrate the accomplishments of the University's Latin Honors graduates, will be held in the main auditorium.

"The University Honors Program is proud to make Northrop its new home. As we work to connect our students with unique learning opportunities, we look forward to a new era of academic vitality and interdisciplinary discovery in this historic building." —Serge Rudaz, Founding Director of the University Honors Program