U-Create Application

The U-Create Program supports undergraduate and graduate arts and/or cultural projects that have a significant impact on campus life. Through this program, University of Minnesota students have access to the many creative spaces inside Northrop, allowing them to create their own artistic and expressive experiences. To qualify, a formal application is required, and criteria must be met. Benefit amounts vary. Any U of M student can apply for his or her own project, or as part of a student organization. For groups that are not formally registered U of M organizations, a sponsoring U of M department or student organization is required.


  • Applicants must be a student group or an individual University of Minnesota student at the time of application and event execution.
  • Event must be open to the public or the greater campus community.
  • Event must be held in a Northrop space.
  • Event may not be a fundraiser of any kind.
  • Ticketing for events held in The Best Buy Theater and The Carlson Family Stage are handled by the U of M ticket office.
  • Applicants must also fill out a formal space rental application 


  • Must apply for U-Create at least three months before the event date
If you do not have a solidified date, please provide any/all dates you are considering
(check all that apply) To rent Northrop Plaza, an Outdoor Space Application must be filled out. Northrop is not responsible for Plaza rentals.