Swedish Radio Choir Afterthoughts

Feb 27, 2010

Inspired to audition for your church choir after experiencing the Swedish Radio Choir? For you choral music mavens, did they do your favorite pieces justice? What did you think of the unique a capella voice of the choir? Did NY Times get it right by calling them the "Swedish choral miracle?" 


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The SRC was a joy to listen to and did a variety of music splendidly. I especially enjoyed the Frank Martin mass. However, I could not help thinking that we have a number of choral groups right here in the Twin Cities which are their equal (and possibly better) which I can listen to for half the ticket price.

What pure tones. What difficult rhythm patterns with contrasting notes. I was mesmerized by the ability of the performers and the conductor. Yes, I could see why composers would be saying "There is one choir that can sing my music..." As you can tell, I very much enjoyed the depth of the program. A funny aside...is that the people on stage could easily be taken for native Minnesotans! Thank you for coming to the U of M.

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