Seán Curran Company Performance Reflection

Oct 24, 2015

Thank you for attending the performance by the Seán Curran Company! What did you think of the show? Did you enjoy the piece? How about the original music by Ustatshakirt Plus? Did you have a chance to attend any pre-show events (Film screening or Performance Preview)? Join the conversation!

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Incredibly gorgeous, energizing, joyful show -- these musicians from the Kyrgyz Republic play a music that is unique but reminiscent, to my ears, of a cross between an Irish session band and Peruvian lutes and flutes -- really complicated, shifting rhythms -- And the dance seems to tell a story of human joy, for the most part -- festivals; work; play; love; sleeping, dreaming. Dance so full of love and humor. And an 8-hand stepdance with African, Indian, ballet and breakdance moves... leaps and tumbles... sleep and nightmares... oh my goodness! Wonderful stuff -- the one thing nobody did was fight!

While watching Sean Curran Company and listening to the Kyrgyzstan musicians Ustatshakirt Plus, not only was I transported to Asia and saw much Asian influence in the dance, but there were hints of Greek bouzouki, Peruvian flutes, and American banjo in the music and dance. The one dance where the music sounded most like a banjo, the dance reminded me of the Cakewalk dance with a contemporary feel (and that was my favorite part of the show). Sometimes the dance looked Indian or Greek and even a little German schottische. The costumes looked to be most influenced by Asian style, but with a little grunge thrown in. The music was wonderful and having the musicians performing right with the dancers made the program more intimate. The lighting was subtle, all of a sudden I would realize it had changed at some point, but it set the mood. I'm not sure I followed the dream story, other than at the ending of the program. Very contemporary and well-danced by everyone. A note to Northrop staff - could you find a way to speed up the Will Call and Rush tickets service? I waited in that crowd and barely got to my seat as it was starting. This has happened to me before, as well.

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