Aszure Barton & Artists Performance Reflection

Nov 12, 2016

Thank you for attending the performance by Aszure Barton & Artists! Did you attend the film screenings or performance preview? What did you think of the show? Join the conversation!

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I have not been so thrilled by a modern dance company since Sage Cowles brought Twyla Tharp here back in the late 60s. Wow. Please bring this company back. What they do is really and truly unique and new. Thanks so much for this performance!

The Aszure Barton performance was out-of-this-world. The way the dancers moved their bodies, the sound effects of water, the was incredible!! I've passed the word to many people...

It is really awesome post I must say The knowledge you gave is so inspiring and motivating I loved it Thanks a lot Cheers

WOW Dancers were superb I must say. How they were moving Ahhh.. Really marvellous.

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