Batsheva Dance Company Performance Reflection

Jan 24, 2017

Thank you for attending the performance by Batsheva Dance Company! Did you attend the film screenings or performance preview? What did you think of the show? Join the conversation!

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These are some very talented dancers, but I did not like their show. My ears hurt from their music. My eyes struggled to find 2+ dancers moving together. There were moments of beauty, but too few.

simply transcendent

Good dancers, some interesting moves, but way too repetitive and often slow. It's also a cheap trick to pull audience members onto the stage. Ho hum. Best part of the night was the solo performer who danced before the real performance began, while people were being seated. Loved him!

Woman put her hands over her ears, then struggled to close off the sound while she put in ear plugs. Lucky she had them.... Gentlemen near us turned off his hearing aids and still heard it. Perfect place to start going deaf. Thanks, but no thanks.

One of the best shows. Our seats were high and way back- we had a great view of the whole picture. The birds eye view was incredible. I can't imagine how much you would miss if you were sitting too close. The music was wonderful! The choreography was intelligent, mathematical and yet full of humanity. I will never forget that night. 2 hours of solid dancing and I was rapt. Thank you!

Dancers were amazingly strong and talented. I know the sound was key component of the experience but it was really too loud at times. What a treat to have this company back again.

As a dance concert attendee for over 40 years, I really enjoyed the concert and these fine dancers and choreography. I've been on both sides of the sound volume issue, understanding the visceral impact of loud and also suffering some hearing loss. Perhaps a volume warning would be appropriate and even making earplugs available at the entrances.

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