Kidd Pivot/Electric Company Theatre PERFORMANCE REFLECTION

Mar 21, 2017

Thank you for attending the performance by Kidd Pivot/Electric Company Theatre! Did you attend the film screenings or performance preview? Did you make it to the post-show talk? What did you think of the show? Join the conversation!

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My daughter and I attended the performance in Mpls. We were incredibly moved by the performance. It portrayed every aspect of trauma/ addiction in it's raw form, showing us the emotional, mental and physical reaction and reality of life as the victim. Anyone who has experienced trauma and/or addiction should most definitely experience Kidd Pivot's performance. Thank you for sharing!

A. MA. ZING! One of the best theatrical dance shows I've ever seen. Great dancing, lights, scenery and sound melded together for a night of absolute mesmerizing proportion! And the topic of addiction and suffering, which is rarely looked at on stage, was painstakingly beautiful to watch...and listen to! Bring them back again!

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