Scottish Ballet Performance Reflection

Apr 07, 2017

Thank you for attending the performance by Scottish Ballet! What did you think of the show? Did you attend the film screenings or performance preview? Join the conversation!

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I loved the non-traditional take on a traditional work and was impressed by the skill of the dancers. The sets, costumes, and sound effects were great and the live music was a nice addition. Thank you for bringing this performance to Northrop!

I agree that more information could have been provided in the program, but the other negative reviews here make me sad. Of course these dancers are capable of dancing on point. This work just didn't call for that. FYI to the negative reviewers, you may want to stick to Swan Lake next season as that appears to be the work that is likely within your comfort zones.

There should have been a synopsis included in the program brochure. I read it in the email I was sent, but my friend does not get the emails and found the ballet very confusing. I did not feel this ballet was up to the usual standard of performances I've seen at Northrup.

Not sure if i want to support companies which are incapable of dancing on point. This was intolerable, watching average dancers use half the stage without elan. Glad to see they aren't in 2018 bill

A disappointing experience. Not sure what I was watching. The production was poorly produced and convoluted. Where was the "ballet"?

Not disappointing but average.It was enjoyable

I found it interesting how the ballet grounded the story set in the present in traditional Scottish beliefs about dangerous fairies and their attempts on human life: fairy abductions, fairy enchantments, and fairy lovers or changelings. Parts of the performance were obscure and left me wondering what's going on, perhaps on purpose, but I enjoyed the combination of live classical music with modern ballet.

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