Eifman Ballet Performance Reflection

May 17, 2017

Thank you for attending the performance by Eifman Ballet! What did you think of the show? Did you attend the film screening or performance preview? Join the conversation!

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We attended last night's Eifman Ballet performance with very high expectations based on previous experiences. We were awed by the powerful, emotional, theatrical dance we saw. This is an amazing group and we can't wait to see them again soon.

This production was a great way to end the season. Loved the choreography and visual effect of the performance. Thanks for bringing in this group and for another great season at Northrop!

Eifman is a brilliant choreographer. 5 styles of dance in one night. Great storytelling. Great corps. Please bring them back again. Maybe next time Anna Karenina. Also thank you so much for expanding the handicapped parking spaces.

Generally a wonderful first impression of the dance program at UMN! All the Russians come out to play for the fantastic vision of The Eifman Ballet! I previously saw The Eifman Ballet perform "Tchaikovsky" in St. Petersburg (2013), which was amazing, and my expectations were thus high. However I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Red Giselle at Northrop. Great choice for Mental Health May! The "30 Under 30" program is such a nice way to explore arts around the Twin Cities community. As an alumni of UMN and a volunteer at The Museum of Russian Art, it was great to see a mix of modern arts and intercultural themes on campus! I hope to experience more such events around the Twin Cities. Wonderful evening in general despite poor parking situation and rain :)

Simply Fabulous. Classic Ballet story with all the technical strength yet modern interpretation. Staging, costumes and passionate dancing. What a wonderful company and choreographer. My highlight experience at Rodin from their last visit was confirmed by Red Giselle. Great end to the season.

I really enjoyed this ballet! It was powerful performance with great music and amazing dancing technique. I saw Rodin last time they visited MN but I think this performance was even better! My only disappointment was that I could not have the seats closer, I found out about this event too late and the only seats that were left were on the 4th balcony. I prefer to see ballet a little closer, but still had a great evening! Would hope to see this group again this coming year and will watch for their schedule to get tickets ahead of time!

Wonderful ! Absorbing ! Talented & skilled group of dancers !! Choreography! Music seemed a bit loud. Not impressed with Surdyk's. GREAT evening!

The performance was wonderful. Have seen them every time they've been here and always look forward to seeing them again. Only one comment. We wish something would be done about parking. There were several cars ahead of us that, when they got to the person who was checking to make sure the drivers had reserved parking in the Church Street ramp, DIDN'T have reservations and couldn't get into the ramp. They took up a lot of time and space of those who DID have reservations. The waiting in line to enter the ramp is long and slow at best. There needs to be a person at University & 17th Street directing traffic into Church Street because drivers are trying to turn out of the center lane on University into the right-hand lane. And when they DO turn, they can't park in the Church Street ramp anyway. Thank you for whatever you can do to change this mess.

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