The Summer at Northrop Concerts Come to a Bittersweet End

Aug 04, 2009

The Summer at Northrop concerts opened and closed with our series' largest turnouts nearing almost 600 people. Delivering an eclectic mix of world music, from reggae, rock-pop, and hip-hop to fiery Spanish, jazz, and corn mash Americana, this series had people on their feet dancing and even hula hooping during their lunch breaks.

Now that the concerts are over and you've had some time to reflect, what are your thoughts? Which bands were your favorites? Is there something you'd like to see that wasn't in the mix this summer?


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I truly love this series, and make it as often as I can. It is one of the things that makes it great to work at the U. I love the variety - helps me not get stuck in genres I already know. In the midst of budget problems, let's continue to do the things that make us a "universe-city." MP

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