3 Things You Should Know About Pilobolus

Feb 11, 2010

1.  Pilobolus is a fungus:  That's right, the creative dance geniuses that we all know and love are actually named after a feisty spore-flinging fungus. It's actually rather fitting - and fun! We decided to have a little fun of our own and team up with the Bell Museum of Natural History for a Family Fungi Fest and a Fungi Dance Party for the kids before and after the Saturday performance.

 2.  More than a dance company: Pilobolus is boldly known for their imaginative innovation and successfully capitalizes on just that. Pilobolus actually operates on three separate entities: Pilobolus Dance Theatre (the touring dance company), Pilobolus Institute (educational classes), and Pilbolus Creative Services (offering their services for film, advertising, publishing. corporate events, etc.). In other words, Pilobolus is sprinkled all over the media. You may recognize them from Hyundai, NFL, or American Express commercials or from their appearances on the 79th Academy Awards, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and on and on. See for yourself.

 3.  Choreographic collaboration like no other:  Since Pilobolus began in 1971 from two students in a Dartmouth dance class, they have been known for their unique approach to creative collaboration. In fact, Pilobolus has an executive director, three artistic directors, and seven dancers each contributing to the pieces you'll see on stage. As any dance enthusiast will know, it is rather unique for any dance company to have a team of choreographers. The group's remarkable collaborative style is one that continuously ignites interest world-wide. 



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