Balanchine’s Allegro Brillante

Sep 30, 2010

Balanchine described Allegro Brillante as containing "everything I know about classical ballet in 13 minutes." And what an action packed 13 minutes it is!

The score, by Tschaikovsky, sets a vigorous pace, one that might seem impossible to dancers first approaching the piece - how do you manage to get all those steps in, encompassing all of classical ballet? Well, young joints help, and that's where ABT II has the advantage. Known for their youthful energy, they conquer the piece with a vivacity that comes with youth and sure, strong limbs. The piece is all about the timing, keeping pace with the music. The dancers enhance their technique and dramatic touches in an all-out exercise of talent. Perfect for this talent blossoming company!

To get a sneak peek of the magic, check out this You Tube video of the Miami City Ballet performing the piece. To see the piece for yourself, join us at Northrop on Oct 9 at 8:00 pm for American Ballet Theatre's ABT II.

-Melissa Wray
Northrop Communications Coordinator and U of M Student

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