Bebe Miller Company Afterthoughts

Feb 08, 2013

How did the combination of film, theater, dance, and more in A History affect your audience experience? Did you visit the exhibit? If so, what additional insights did you discover? Were you able to decipher the creative process between the dancers, and their history with Bebe Miller Company? Join in the conversation!


*Photo credit: Tim Rummelhoff

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This "performance" was neither good dance, nor good drama, and certainly not worth the price of admission. We would like you to know that we have been totally disappointed in this season, and not happy with last years season. If it were not for the fact that we have excellent seats and do not want to loose them, we would not be buying season tickets. Could we please get back to the good ballet troupes and class dance groups that we used to have in our Northrup Season?

I completely agree with Katherine Howard. My friend and I are in the same position -- we are subscribers and do not want to lose our great seats. This performance as well as the last one were dull or over-the-top ridiculous. Please get better programming or I will spend my time with other Twin Cities dance performances.

There was no way, short of being rude, that my husband and I could escape from the performance last night. It (and at least one other performance) is causing us to consider discontinuing our subscription to the Northrop Dance performances. We like the classical ballet and some others but the disconnected, angular moves and the lack of any music (well there was a bit) felt alienating and downright ugly. I found it narcissistic and nihilistic. We like to support the arts and will find other ways to do so.

I was looking forward to Bebe Miller but I found this performance annoying and tedious. The bits of dance made me wish I was seeing the pieces they were supposedly "remembering", and not sitting through A History.

We have been Northrop Dance Series Subscribers for over 30 years but this is probably the last. Last night's "performance" was not interesting, not beautiful, not dance. We believe that it is terrible that young people were given seats to watch this thing, and most of them went home with a very false impression of what dance can be. We used to donate hundreds of dollars per year to Northrop, but did not contribute this season because of the poor selections that were presented in 2011-2012. It is made very clear by counting the audience that subscribers have voted with ther feet and wallets. IF the Northrop Dance program is to survive, it needs a Director who understands what the market wants and expects. In the past we looked forward to the evenings at the dance, now we are just sad that we paid our money. Echoing an earlier posting, we would have walked out in the middle, but there was no intermission, we were seated in the center of a long row, one of us needs a cane to move along the narrow rows, and we were stuck til the end. Tony Manzara

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