Grupo Corpo Afterthoughts

Mar 04, 2013

What did you think of the creative use of costumes and lighting in the two pieces? Did you enjoy the elaborate set for Sem Mim? Were you amazed at the athleticism displayed by the dancers? If you were at the Performance Preview with Patricia Galvao (company manager) and Pedro Pedeneiras (technical director), as well as local dancers Jenny Pennaz and Marciano Silva Dos Santos, what new insights did you gain? Join in the conversation!

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Please bring Grupo Corpo back again. I was riveted by the show, especially the first dance, Ima--pure pleasure in every way.

Phenomenal, sultry, beautiful…I still have a hard time describing how blown away I was by the performance. I wasn’t sure what to expect but soon found myself riveted by the dancers and their movements. The athleticism was out of this world. Please bring them back again soon!

This performance was among the two or three best we have seen in many years. IMA was rythmic, precise, athletic, synchronized, surprising, colorful, and beautiful. A wonderfully abstract modern dance piece. The dancers executed many moves which were new to us - very refreshing. Sem Mim was not quite as dazzling, but in its own way more interesting, with a hint of meaning. You could see the family resemblance of the choreography to some of the moves in IMA. The use of the net material was amazing - what a great idea and execution! Sem Mim was very satisfying. We also liked the very competent Joffrey performance the previous week, especially the revival of "Rite of Spring" Thank you for putting these two excellent companies on the list this year. Tony Manzara

Both pieces, Ima and Sem Mim, were absolutely beautiful. I especially enjoyed the movement poetry of Sem Mim. After arriving home from the performance, I found the soundtrack on Grupo's website and listened to it several times! We need to see more dance in Minnesota by dancers/choreographers of color that transcend borders, such as Grupo Corpo and Schechter. Thank you.

I have seen presentations from Grupo Corpo before, but it's hard not to be surprised and amused by every new performance I watch from them. Everything in Ima and Sem Mim is absolutely beautiful, they're fantastic dancers and their pieces are just so incredibly creative in every aspect! I am very thankful I was able to watch them here in Minnesota and I hope they come again!

I've been a subscribing season ticket holder to the Northrop Dance series for nearly thirty years, and this concert ranks easily among the most beautiful five or six that I've seen. The wonderful, ironic stasis between pure levity and riveting anchorage felt almost gyroscopic.

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