Remedy for dinner repetition: Some savory Swedish cuisine

Feb 23, 2010

Get up, get away from your coffee stained recliner and aging television, and get into the Swedish mood. On February 26, you are going to be a chef, an admirer of Swedish music, and, best of all, a happier you!

The recipe is simple: mix two tickets to the Swedish Radio Choir with a glass of Swedish Glogg. Add as many Swedish meatballs as your heart desires, drizzle them in Lingonberry sauce, and finish the evening with some Swedish treats. (Uhh, you're drooling.)

Ready? First things first...hand over the bathrobe. Now, tie on the apron (I know its somewhere in that kitchen), and finally, invite your closest friends and family over to your place for dinner!

Next, follow the recipes with precision. Get out the forks, set the timer, and try not to sneak too many meatballs before the meal. Before you know it, Ding!, dinner is served.

I now give you permission to take off the apron and slip on your dinner digs. Pass the food, spread the joy, and get ready, because the night has just begun.

Now that your stomach is full, the time has come to fill your heart with one of the world's most celebrated choirs as their awe-inspiring a capella music resonates in Ted Mann Concert Hall.

Mmm, mmm, mmm. Now that sounds delicious.

Cook's Checklist

 __ One recipe for Swedish Glogg
 __ A dinner for you and your crew
 __ Swedish Treats
 __ Tickets to the Swedish Radio Choir
 __ An evening to remember 


By Allyson Taubenheim, Marketing Intern

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