SOLO-McKnight Dance Fellows Afterthoughts

Sep 20, 2012

Please share your thoughts about the performance of SOLO-McKnight Dance Fellows. What did you think of the diversity and breadth of work between the six dancers? Could you see elements of the collaborative relationship between dancer and choreographer? What images, moments, thoughts, or feelings stood out most for you from the evening? How do you think each piece reflected each dancer? Join in the conversation!

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I went to the panel discussion the week before at Nolte, and was so impressed with how the participants articulately and intelligently described their experience in choosing a choreographer and the process, that I went right out and bought a ticket. (A quick note about that: on the publicity card it said the tickets were $20 which in fact was bumped up $5 to cover the costs of "selling a ticket" -- whether I came to the box office directly or ordered on the phone. I know that's a sneaky way theaters are now upping their charges, but to me it's the "cost of doing business" and they should be upfront about it. However, I digress). With the exception of Amy's piece and Nic's, I felt the choreographed work was not as interesting as described by the panelist (or written in the program notes). The movement seemed random and the sequences did not connect to present a strong whole at the end. There's no doubt the dancers are fine -- their pieces weren't always their best showcases... However I applaud McKnight for having such a program. What a gift to any dancer!

How inspiring.Each dance was so individual.The presentations opened new doors for my understanding of dance.I felt energized afterwards.I do not have a dance background.I am now an elder now.The search for meaning extends through the life cycle.How will these young dancers look back at their work and change their interpretation?Yes, McKnight offers a tremendous gift to the art community.I am glad that I made the effort to attend the performance.I think excerpts from their application essays might have also added insight about their individual philosophy of dance at this point in their life.

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