Why I'm Taking My Kids to See Fungus

Feb 03, 2010

They will skip two basketball games, play dates with their friends, a neighborhood snowball fight, and time on the Wii. But they will be so psyched that they did! Instead, they will be completely flabbergasted by the flexibility of the dancers, and the way their bodies come together to create shapes their eight and ten year old minds would not think possible by the human body. I know their eyes will be wide and sparkling with wonder, their mouths open in a perfect circle of shock and amusement, and they will grab my hand tightly and whisper, "Did you see that?! I want to do that!"

In my time-crunched life it is often difficult to choose what gets top priority for our family's free time. This one is a no-brainer for me. It has everything on my list. Fun. Family Friendly. Educational. Cultural. Interactive. Diverse. It's all there!

I'm starting my day with taking my kids to the Family Fungi Fest at the Bell Museum and they will learn things I definitely can't teach about fungus. And trust me, to a kid, flying fungus is naturally awesome. The Pilobolus performance will for sure rock their world - shadows and all. Then they can work up a sweat jamming out and dancing as the dj spins their favorites at the Fungi Dance Party after the show. Once the Pilobolus dancers show up to dance with them, well, they will have a new story to tell their friends at school about dancing with famous stars! How cool is that?  



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