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Batsheva Dance Company

2016//17 Northrop Season
Jan 2017
About the Event

Decadance 2017

The 18 dancers of Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company flood the stage with such energy and intensity that they’ve been compared to “….life-sustaining milk pouring over a dry rock” (Artburst Miami). In a rare U.S. appearance, they return to Minneapolis with Ohad Naharin’s inventive, high-octane roller-coaster ride of a retrospective, Decadance 2017. An assortment of brilliantly re-mixed material that spans the 25+ years under his direction, each excerpt—grounded in Naharin’s unique Gaga dance vocabulary—has the signature physicality, creativity, and precision for which this company is renowned. With a dash of comedy, scintillating storytelling, and a musical smorgasbord that samples rock ‘n roll, samba, and the classics, Decadance 2017 is fast, fun, and thrilling.

Decadance 2017 includes excerpts from Batsheva's classic works Z/na (1995), Kyr (1990), Telophaza (2006), Anaphase (1993), Mabul (1992), Sadeh21 (2011), Virus (2001), Zachacha (1998), Three (2005), and Max (2007).

“In a stunning evening of contemporary dance, Batsheva proves again and again that they are one of the greatest companies on the planet and one of the coolest as well.” –Limelight Magazine

“Dance that reaches an emotional pitch that expresses what words cannot.” –Sydney Morning Herald

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Tue, Jan 24, 6:15 pm
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