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Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles with Ryan Flannery & The Night Owls

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Jun 2011
About the Event

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles have been a large part of the Twin Cities music scene for over three years. They have shared stages with the likes of Calvin Johnson, Titus Adronicus, Oh Death, and Blackalicious. In the spring of 2010 they toured with Trampled by Turtles to the West Coast and then down south with Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps in January of 2011. Their music was also recently featured on a TED documentary sponsored by Levis, released in December of 2010.

There are currently seven members, who get together weekly for beers and somewhat productive practices. Lucy writes the lyrics and basic chord changes while the rest of the band writes their own parts and everyone collaboratively arranges the tunes. They have recorded and released three full length albums independently, the most recent on vinyl as well on CD.

They hope to tour to Europe and everywhere else they haven't had the opportunity to go as well as put out many more albums in the coming years.


Lucy Michelle - whistling, Ukuleles, Singer

Geoff Freeman - "Drums"

Chris Graham - Acoustic Guitar

Ashley Boman - Accordion

Jesse Schuster - Standup Bass

Eamonn McClain - Cello


LP - "Orange Peels & Rattlesnakes" - August 2008

LP - "Special Party Time For Everybody" - September 2009

LP- "Good Of That" - October 2010



Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls are an indie rock band originating from Wausau, Wisconsin. They are currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group consists of Ryan Flannery on keys and vocals, John Burgess on drums, and Tom Kallio on guitar. After several years as a solo act, in the fall of 2008, Ryan joined forces with additional musicians to create an energetic sound that still incorporated jazz-based influences. John has been adding his vigorously precise drumming methods since the group's beginnings, and Tom has been contributing his silky smooth, blues-kissed guitar technique since March 2010.

After just over six months as a band, Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls had already garnered a faithful local fan base, and had also won the 2009 Wisconsin Valley Fair Battle of the Bands. The band continued to progressively move forward, releasing their long-awaited debut EP in February 2010. Combining the lively resonances of modern indie rock with the jazzy, vintage sounds of 70s pop-rock, the self-titled EP is sure to give listeners something that they can truly find musically unique and original.

In addition to the band's current live instrumentation of piano/vocals, drums, and guitar, the six-track EP includes bass, keys, cello, saxophone, flute, trumpet, clarinet, and additional vocalists, all orchestrated by Flannery.


Ryan Flannery - Vocals, keys

Tom Kallio - guitars

John Burgess - Percussion


"Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls" (EP) - released March 2010



Movie Selection: Superbad

Movie will start at 9:00 pm on the Coffman Plaza


Ryan Flannery & The Night Owls
Ryan Flannery & The Night Owls


Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles
Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles
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