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SHORE: Community Action

Emily Johnson/Catalyst
Jun 2014
About the Event

Created in partnership with Minneapolis Parks, Native American Community Development Institute, and Emily Johnson/Catalyst.

SHORE: Community Action (volunteerism)
A month of weekly community work sessions at parks around Minneapolis culminates in a celebration and caretaking of our defining river: The Mississippi! Actions: soil amendment, mulching, planting in the rain garden, trash pick up, and care of the land and river. This day of Community Action includes our work together, stories and information from and of the Mississippi River and the riparian zone between the water and the park. We will work, we will listen to stories, we will snack, we will get to know the river a little better. We will have an effect on this bit of land and each other; we'll have more stories to tell after our work. Join us!

SHORE is Emily Johnson/Catalyst's new dance work. It is the third in a trilogy of works that began with The Thank-you Bar, and continued with Niicugni. SHORE is a multi-day performance installation of dance, story, volunteerism, and feasting. It is a celebration of the places where we meet and merge—land and water, performer and audience, art and community, past, present, and future. Join us for one part of SHORE, or better yet, all four! 

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Photo by Chris Cameron
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