Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet Performance Reflection

Oct 20, 2016

Thank you for attending the performance by Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet! Did you attend the film screenings or performance preview? What did you think of the show? Join the conversation!

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The performance of Dracula was wonderful! The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is one of my favorite companies, always providing unique and intriguing performances that are a joy to watch. The live orchestra was fantastic! Thank you for bringing this event to our campus.

I loved this production of Dracula, so well-done! The staging and dancers were superb! It was so wonderful to have a live orchestra performing Mahler making the entire experience so vibrant. Thanks for bringing this wonderful performance to Northup.

Lovely performance, sets, music/orchestra, all tops. One other comment though. It got too long, what with 2 speakers before the performance began, 2 hours 10 minutes performance, and a 20-minute intermission. Our preference would be to have the whole thing done in 2 hours.

I'm sorry, but that production was dreadful. Several years ago I had seen the Houston Ballet production Dracula and thought it was terrible. But the RWB production at Northrup was even worse. The dancers were very good, all the principals were excellent, but this production did not live up to their talent. The 2 sections between the narrative Acts 1 and 3 were both silly and unnecessary. The wolf piece was actually embarrassing to watch. If you're going to do a story ballet, why break up the narrative with these weird extraneous pieces? Walking down the stairs to the parking garage after the performance, I can't tell you how many people were talking about those two weird interludes and basically asking WTF? But even discounting the silly pantomime and the wolf dance, it was not a successful production. The choreography was uninspired and plodding. The sets were cheesey. Very disappointing on so may levels. I did like the costumes (but not the ones in the wolf interlude) and I thought the ending optics were pretty cool. But otherwise, it was a total dud to me.

The dancers did a wonderful job. Their artistry was abrilliant, but the production value felt a bit amatueristic...when Dracula turned into a bat it was laughably sad when the bat skidded across the floor. The timing of staging cues was off on numerous occasions. However, with those shortcomings, the performance was enjoyabke, and the orchastra was spot on. One comment on the venue...beautiful! But seated in the scholar's ring there was obstructed views and cramped seats. My biggest complaint however is the bar locations. By the time we made it down to the first level, waited in line and walked back to the Scholar's level we had no time to relax and enjoy our wine. We were forced to either throw it out, or chug it down before the start of the second act. The Northrup should consider adding a bar on each level.

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