Experience a French connection with Café Accordion Orchestra

Jun 24, 2019

Northrop's Music on the Plaza 2019 concert series continues this week with Dan Newton’s Café Accordion Orchestra. We asked Dan to describe the band and their music, and his reply is below. Don’t miss the free concert starting at noon on Wed, Jun 26 on Northrop’s Plaza. It’s one of the many interesting #GopherSummer events on campus this summer.

“It's difficult to think of something to say about Dan Newton’s Café Accordion Orchestra that hasn't already been said. After more than 25 years of playing French music around the Northlands, they've been viewed, reviewed, listened to and danced to by countless fans, journalists and radio DJs.

I could tell you that they have played at the Lincoln Center for the Arts in New York, NY,  and also in New York Mills, MN, in the same week. I could tell you they may be the only band that played Polkafest at Iron World and the Twin Cities Jazz Festival in the same weekend.

I could talk about all 10 of their CDs or list all the clubs and bars in which they have entertained audiences or all the different dances they have played. I could even go on and on about the band members and their respective awards or the instruments they play or their social media channels—but that is all available on the band's website and in dozens of interviews and articles that have appeared about Cafe Accordion Orchestra over the past 2 1/2 decades.

What really needs to be said is that every time Dan Newton's Cafe Accordion Orchestra takes the stage on the Northrop Plaza, something magical happens. The plaza suddenly converts to a cobblestone street in Paris, picnicker's bag lunches suddenly become baguettes and brie with vin rouge, noonday breaks become ballroom dances, and for the better part of an hour people on the plaza see the world through rose-colored glasses and the whole scene viewed from the stage, appears as an impressionist painting!

Come be a part of the magic and enjoy what may be the most memorable hour of your month as Dan Newton's Cafe Accordion Orchestra returns to Northrop Plaza this week.”


Videos and Photos from Dan Newton’s Café Accordion Orchestra on stage Wed, Jun 26

View Dan Newton’s Café Accordion Orchestra Jun 26 performance

View the performance on Facebook Live

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