Feet on Fire: Twin Cities’ Tap Dance

Oct 09, 2015

Guest blog from local tap dancer and choreographer, Kaleena Miller.

Fall of 2015 is ABUNDANT with tap dance in the Twin Cities. A month ago, The Cowles Center highlighted the History of the Tap in the Twin Cities with their series Minnesota Dance and the Ecstasies of Influences. The Rhythmic Circus dudes and I brought our internationally traveled show Feet Don't Fail Me Now! back to local turf with a stay at The O'Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University this past weekend. Next, I put on my "Community Organizer" cap as the Artistic Director of the inaugural Twin Cities Tap Festival at the Southern Theater, October 15-18.  Classes and performances featuring local and national tap dance artists: a dream come true!

What might rival it all? Dorrance Dance coming to Northrop this November. Michelle Dorrance’s work, her verve, her dancers, her aesthetic—it is all amazing.  She's taking the deeply rooted traditions of tap and giving them her own spin. She’s seeking (and getting) opportunities that were previously nabbed by solely ballet or modern dance-based choreographers. She’s making sure tap dance is a part of the concert dance scene.

The constant commentary on tap dance is that it is a "dying" art form (an idea completely foreign to me, since it's been a part of my life since age 2).  Gregory Hines brought it back in the 80’s. Savion Glover popularized it again in the 90’s. The gal who’s going to make tap dance “it” now? It’s Michelle Dorrance. I couldn't be more proud of a person that I don't personally know all that well.

Go see what I’m talking about November 19th at Northrop.

Also, come early to watch me totally fangirl Michelle at the Dorrance Dance Performance Preview.

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