The Hong Kong Ballet Post-Performance Reflection

Nov 06, 2014

What were your thoughts about The Hong Kong Ballet’s interpretation of Puccini’s classic Turandot? What did you think of the dancer’s technique? How about the costumes and scenery? What were some of the most memorable moments during the performance? Did you attend the Performance Preview?

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The performance was spectacular, especially in that we are generally not fond of "story ballet," but this was extraordinary. However, we were disappointed that no where in the program could we find acknowledgement of the musical recording--what orchestra? What opera company? Who were the soloists? I would think this information would be required. And, besides, I would like to know!

Fabulous........I will attend again tonight! Costuming, sets, prowess, music, emotions are top of the line. Thank you for bringing them to Northrup.

The performance was absolutely lovely! The dancers and choreography were wonderful, and I enjoyed the show very much. The costumes and sets were gorgeous, and I loved the way light and sparkle were used throughout the show. I recommend that anyone with the time should catch the rare second performance being offered tonight!

The Hong Kong Ballet performance was outstanding. The grace and athleticism of the dances left me in awe. Unfamiliar with the story line, I made up my own based on the story telling of the dancers and found I was not far off when I read the program. We were dazzled by the staging. The sets and the costumes were simple, colorful, and drew us into the story. Please treat yourselves by seeing this performance.

Spectacular. Of course I loved the music, and that makes a dance more likable. Speaking of music, why did we not see who supplied the music? I think the tenor was Pavaratti, but the rest? And the orchestra? Major gaffe there, They should have gotten credit, and Inquiring minds wanted to know!! I did love the dance though. The simplicity of the staging was great- I prefer the simple set to the grand sets of the opera. The chorus could have been a little more in sync, but all in all the dance was great. I especially liked Liu. The pas de deux at the end was lovely also.

The staging and lighting were creative and well done, the dancers seemed to be very talented but had little to work with, however the sound level was deafening perhaps at a decibel level that some associate with opera.

I loved the performance, costumes, dancing, sets, choreography. It's such a pleasure to go to the Northrop these days and I'm really looking forward to the live music at the Susan Farrell performance. I miss that a lot and would pay more my ticket if the music was live. However I do think the sound system is much improved since the reconstruction. But the music was WAY too loud and I was up in the balcony. I cannot imagine how loud it must have been nearer to the speakers. And I also searched in vain for the credits for the orchestra and singers. Who were they? And why weren't they in the program? That just seems so wrong. And lastly Turandot is not a French word, it is pronounced by sounding the final T. Please tell the Northrop director so she pronounces it correctly tonight.

The movement is very physical and a sight worth seeing.

We apologize that the music credits were not included in the printed performance program. Here they are! 1991 Digital Remaster from Choeurs de l'Opera du Rhin, Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg · Conductor: Alain Lombard · Composer: Puccini Montserrat Caballe (Turandot), Mirella Freni (Liu), Jose Carreras (Calaf), Paul Plishka (Timur), Puccini (Composer), Alain Lombard (Conductor),Choeurs de l'Opera du Rhin (Chorus), Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg(Orchestra)

It has taken me some time to process what I saw on stage and then come up with a concluding reaction. The corps was beautiful, and while I honestly believe that more rehearsal time could have created a truly spectacular performance, I was impressed with the grace and commitment that the dancers showed. I also thoroughly enjoyed this whole new culture of ballet that I have never had the opportunity to experience. With the Hong Kong ballet there was a much larger supply of glamorous presentation than I am used to, which I have found to be common among Chinese dance companies. The technique was en pointe.

May I add that the dancing was remarkable but indeed the music was too loud. It would have been helpful to have more detailed and better written program notes. They did not do justice to the performance, and those of us who are not opera fans were sort of left out of the story. This was my first time in the new Northrop, and it is indeed a major improvement, particularly the restrooms! and of course the seating. Having been a U student and employee for much of the last 50 years I particularly appreciate the holding over of the main foyer and the proscenium. However my architect partner and I both noted a lack of flow from the old to the new. I guess we can't have everything.

Very disappointing! The choreography had ideas of difficult moves ... the execution unfortunately did not live up to them. The corps de ballet was sloppy. Letting me see how a dancer prepares his feet before lifting a ballerina takes away all the magic of dance: You are not supposed to see how difficult it is! I was a dancer, I know. It was neither fish nor meat. It was not a classical ballet and it was not modern dance. Many of the soloists felt more like Olympian gymnasts than heartfelt dancers. The music was fabulous. Top quality singers made up for the performance on stage. "Nessun dorma" is a great aria. We all know that. But to repeat it a second time (within one very short act) is a cheap trick and crowd pleaser. I wish - instead of cheap tricks - the quality of dancers had been better. This experience lets me realize how very incredible and awesome Paul Taylor Company and especially Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal were. Worlds and worlds apart.

The performance was stunning! I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see another performance at out own Northrop! What a privilege to be able to view such amazing talent right on campus!

I thoroughly enjoyed the ballet - great choreography, great dancing, great sets. But like some operas, it would have been perfect if they had shown an English translation of the libretto as a subtitle on a banner above or below the front of the stage. Reading the brochure before the ballet started, I got an idea of the plot, but not all the turning points were clear from watching the dance sequences.

What a double treat, ballet and opera at the same time. Visually stunning, sets, performances. Loved every moment. Credits of music would have been much appreciated in program as they were such a vital part of the whole.

I have never seen Turandot before, but I have to say I really enjoyed the ballet! It has its weak spots, such as lacking the musical credits, the core dancing as soloists and not as a group, and a couple of lifts that I didn't think would end well, but overall I walked away from it as a positive experience. I think Turandot has the potential to be one of my favorite ballets, but I would also like to see it done by other ballet companies. I must compliment the female principal dancers, they were absolutely stunning!

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