Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal Post-Performance Reflection

Oct 24, 2014

Thank you for attending the Minneapolis debut of Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal at Northrop, and their performance of Closer, Night Box, and Harry.


Join in the conversation by posting your feedback here about the performance preview, the performance, and your experience at Northrop. 

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Blown away. Loved this performance. Would go again tomorrow if they were still in town.

The opening piece, closer, had me at the edge of my seat for the entire 17 minutes. Passionate, riveting, stupendous. Best performance I'd seen in 20 years.

The dancers were exquisite and engaging. I wish there was a second night so I could send everyone I know.

The balance of remarkably, talented dancers and stunning choreography made this an evening to remember. I, too, wish there was a second night so I could go again and bring others. An incredible performance. Thank you.

We thought that the this evening was one of the best of Northrop in many years. The dancers were powerful and synchronized, worked with the music, performed crisply. Mr. Hille in Closer is maybe the strongest lifter I have seen, never a twitch or a bobble through extremely long lifts, almost like in ice dancing. The choreography of all three pieces was fresh and effective. In some sequences of the full-company pieces the use of the background dancers as a complement to the foreground dancers was remarkable. The only quibble was that the music for Closer was pure monotony, perhaps even silence would have worked better in that instance. Evenings like this will begin to bring back the market share of the demographically typical Northrop audience of yesteryear. Bravo!

I was persuaded by a friend to broaden my experience with dance. I've been a classical ballet subscriber for 30+ years, so this performance was something different for me. I'm so glad I attended the performance - it was wonderful!

Enjoyed every beautiful, captivating minute! Would love to have my children experience a performance like this!

I agree with one of the previous posters; I wish there was a second night of this performance! I loved the style of the company, and will absolutely be seeing them again.

This company is definitely a standout. I can't say enough good about all of the performances especially Closer. The dancers were so expressive, poised and strong in their dance. It was poetry in motion!

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