Martha Graham Dance Company Performance Reflection

Apr 10, 2015

What were your thoughts about Martha Graham Dance Company’s performance?

Did you attend the Performance Preview with Artistic Director Janet Eilber?

Martha Graham has had a deep and lasting impact on American art and culture. After seeing the Martha Graham Dance Company perform, what effects do you see that Martha Graham had on the genre of modern dance?

Dressed in all red, University of Minnesota Dance Majors marched across the stage employing Graham’s signature sharp, angular, and direct movements. What did you think of their performance?

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This was my first modern dance performance and, frankly, I didn't get it. I found the music harsh, dissonant, and depressing. I didn't understand what the dancers were trying to say. I needed more description in the program. This was all way outside my comfort zone. The U. of MN dancers were the best part with their large, colorful, dance.

Thank you for attending Northrop and sharing your feedback. First of all, I want to congratulate you on taking the plunge! It's great that you were willing to try something that was, admittedly, out of your comfort zone, and I'm delighted that it was a dance performance at Northrop. I do hope you'll come back, because, even though this one was not to your liking, Modern and contemporary dance is as richly varied and incredibly diverse as all of the other art forms: You might not like Picasso's work, but find much to admire in Seurat, Monet, or Chagall. So it is with dance! We do try hard at Northrop to give good entry points and description of the work in our programs, and I thought we offered quite a bit of good material in the program for the Martha Graham Dance Company. I'm sorry that we left you wanting more, and I hope that in the future (because I really do hope you'll come back and try another dance performance!) you'll have a chance to attend the pre-show talks that we have before each performance. That's where we have in-depth conversations with the artists about the work. Those are absolutely free, and they start one hour and 15 minutes before each performance up in the Best Buy Theater on Northrop's fourth floor. Many of our patrons really feel this gives them additional insight, and they enjoy that very much.

Absolutely the best dancing I've seen in a very long time. The strength and discipline of the dancers were breathtaking. The U dancers were amazing.

This was very serious, dramatic and flowy. I liked the dance Panorama by the U of M dance students - the music was exciting and they executed the dance wonderfully. I also liked the new piece, Rust. It was very dark and thought-provoking, definitely took the audience to those events we hear about in the news but feel helpless to change. Overall, it was an enjoyable show. I am looking forward to next season at Northrop.

First time to attend a performance since the Northrup remodel. The facility is wonderful. Martha Graham dancers were amazing as were the UofM dance students. I wish I could have attended both nights' performances. Hope they come again.

Bravo to an outstanding opening season in general this year! Loved that you had Paul Taylor and Martha Graham in one season. After seeing the performances this weekend and reflecting back on Taylor, you can really see the influence of Graham on Taylor, especially with shape making. Congratulations and great job to the UMN dancers! Impressive they learned the work in just three weeks. It was well executed and powerful. I enjoyed both nights and enjoyed how accessible the artistic director was. I've never seen an AD be in the lobby during intermission and take questions or take time to talk with attendees. That was a thoughtful gesture believed that helped personalize the experience, fan or newbie. My friends who attended knew of Graham but not why she's a big deal, and we all thought it was helpful the artistic director took time to verbally give some notes and really put into context her works. I walked away with a fuller appreciation given that context as you don't realize how early a pioneer she was until your shown cool old footage and a brief history lesson. She truly invented an art form for America. What a treat to have this dynamic company here and hopefully inspire young dancers and new dance fans.

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