Paul Taylor Dance Company Performance Feedback

Sep 25, 2014

After experiencing the esteemed presence of Paul Taylor Dance Company and their performance of Aureole, Beloved Renegade, and Piazzolla Caldera, we have some questions for you to reflect upon.

• Did you notice a difference in movement vocabulary in Aureole (1962) when comparing the other two works performed, since they premiered more recently, in the last 20 years or so?

• Was Paul Taylor's inspiration from Walt Whitman apparent in Beloved Renegade?

Do you recall references to Walt Whitman in the choreography?

• How did the live music from the Pablo Ziegler Quintet enhance your experience of Piazzolla Caldera?

Tell us about your experience at the opening performance of the 2014-15 Northrop Dance Season. Did you attend the Paul Taylor Dance Company Performance Preview? How about either of the two films, Paul Taylor: Creative Domain or Dancemaker, in the new Best Buy Theater? How did these events inform your understanding of the works performed by Paul Taylor Dance Company?

Also, feel free to pose your own questions. We'd love to hear from you!

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