Paul Taylor Dance Company Performance Feedback

Sep 25, 2014

After experiencing the esteemed presence of Paul Taylor Dance Company and their performance of Aureole, Beloved Renegade, and Piazzolla Caldera, we have some questions for you to reflect upon.

• Did you notice a difference in movement vocabulary in Aureole (1962) when comparing the other two works performed, since they premiered more recently, in the last 20 years or so?

• Was Paul Taylor's inspiration from Walt Whitman apparent in Beloved Renegade?

Do you recall references to Walt Whitman in the choreography?

• How did the live music from the Pablo Ziegler Quintet enhance your experience of Piazzolla Caldera?

Tell us about your experience at the opening performance of the 2014-15 Northrop Dance Season. Did you attend the Paul Taylor Dance Company Performance Preview? How about either of the two films, Paul Taylor: Creative Domain or Dancemaker, in the new Best Buy Theater? How did these events inform your understanding of the works performed by Paul Taylor Dance Company?

Also, feel free to pose your own questions. We'd love to hear from you!

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It is always a joy to have live music at a concert. It adds energy and excitement to the performance

One of the best dance programs ever!

Once again we thoroughly enjoyed the Paul Taylor Dance Company's performance. A real favorite and always glad when they return. Only problem that evening was finding our way out of the area, trying to get to 35W. Streets were blocked off but no signs to tell us how to get to the freeway. There have been some changes made in the streets because of the light rail so some were closed off. Need some signage or maps to help clear the area after performances, especially for people not familiar with this area.

The evening was slow to start, but once I got into the mood of the performance, I really enjoyed it. My favorite was the final section, Piazzola Caldera, with the Pablo Ziegler Quintet. It was really wonderful listening to the live music, with paired so well with the passion of the dance. The costumes were beautiful and it was wonderful to watch the entire company throughout the different movements of the piece. Thank you for bringing such a fantastic show to our stage!

Absolutely magnificent performance. We attended the preview, and so were able to appreciate the movements and transitions. The Quintet was a delightful bonus. Only problem: even with Northrop's great acoustics, the PA system is lacking -- we could not hear Christina or Pablo's microphone commentary very well at all (echo-y and spicy).

I was unable to attend the preview so missed those insights. The dances were well staged, the costumes added to feeling of each piece. Clearly there were times when choreography called for pointed feet and other times for flexed, but I didn't see the strength or vitality some companies bring to the performance. Some of the movements seemed labored. Maybe it was meant to appear that way>

First visit to the new Northrop - seats are nice, good view, sound was good. Thanks for keeping the red velvet curtain, but I miss the chandelier! I liked the Paul Taylor program - especially the last tango-influenced piece. It was especially nice with the live music. The first dance was bright and upbeat and competent, but the second was more jumbled than interesting. Thank you for putting together a season that seems to promise the sort of performances that Northrop Dance Series's traditional audience will enjoy. It seems to me that the booking experiments of the past few years had whittled down the house to the point where it wouldn't have been long before the end.

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