Spotlight on "Borderline"

Mar 01, 2018

It's hip hop with high wires. Company Wang Ramirez brings its high-flying performance of Borderline to Northrop on Sat, Mar 3. It's student night, so tickets are free for U of M students. Here are some fast facts about the company and the production.

Honji Wang was born and raised in Germany by Korean parents. She began studying ballet at age five but quit when she was 16, only to rediscover dance years later in Berlin's hip-hop underground. 

Sebastien Ramirez is a Frenchman of Spanish descent. He became obsessed with hip-hop dance at 13. He became a proficient B-boy (break dancer) and in 2007 represented France at the Red Bull BC One Championship, where he was named one of the best dancers in the world. 
Company Wang Ramirez founders Honji Wang and Sebastian Ramirez choreographed for Madonna’s "Rebel Heart" tour
Borderline combines hip-hop and contemporary dance as well as performers hooked up to an aerial rigging system, allowing them to defy gravity. 
Jean-Philippe Barrios, aka Lacrymoboy, created Borderline’s music. Along with the music, the performance includes spoken word voice overs that are testimonials from the dancers, friends and family members. 
One dance critic compares Ramirez and Wang, who are partners on and off the stage, with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, saying "Because like Fred and Ginger, Ramirez and Wang possess a magical ability to make fast-moving footwork look effortless." 
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