Trey McIntyre Project: A Final Bow

Apr 21, 2014


Trey McIntyre Project Trey McIntyre Project
Photo courtesy of Trey McIntyre Project

In 2005, Trey McIntyre founded his dance company, Trey McIntyre Project, which first appeared at the Vail International Dance Festival in Colorado. The company was initially a summer touring company, but its national and international success led McIntyre to establish the company as full-time and year-round in 2008, based in Boise, Idaho. Now, in its 10th year, the Trey McIntyre Project will take its final bow as a full-time company at Jacob’s Pillow this June as the company transitions into a new phase. McIntyre plans to continue creating pieces on a freelance basis, but the dance aspect of his company will scale down as he pursues other artistic venues such as film, photography, and writing.

With more than 90 works created, McIntyre is one of the most sought after choreographer’s working today, best described as a witty ballet choreographer who’s innovative works fuse timeless physicality with a sincere exploration of human nature. His artistic statement as a dance maker voices eloquently his vision in the beauty of the humanness of movement and performance:

“I use dance to explore what it means to be a part of the human experience. I believe that what we do, as artists in the studio, is a metaphor for the journey of self-discovery. Through an open and meaningful exchange of ideas and emotions, the dancers and I evolve our understanding of what it means to be alive, allowing us to bring greater depth and insight to our work. Any product of this kind of process is a manifestation of our search for truth and grace, one that we gratefully share with our audience."

In his choreographies, McIntyre explores the human condition by exploring ideas such as religion, family, and love, furthering the mission of his company to engage individuals and communities in the experience of art. The marker of McIntyre’s aesthetic that gives him an edge among contemporary dance artists of today, is his reimagining of the ballet genre by infusing its classical form with the freshness of personal impulse. By utilizing both the balletic prowess and precision of his dancers mixed with quirky movements outside of the ballet textbook, McIntyre achieves a contagious freedom that both the performers and audience members are able to experience together. 

The Trey McIntyre Project will be performing at Northrop on Tuesday, April 22, at 7:30 pm. Reserve tickets now for one of the last opportunities to see the company perform together. Tickets are FREE for U of M students.

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