Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre the Great Gatsby

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Sep 28
Brandford Marsalis and Willy Kunz info and tickets

Branford Marsalis and Jean-Willy Kunz

Oct 1
theater seats

The Shared Spaces of Blackface and Yellowface

Sep 26
Tom Segura Take It Down Tour

Tom Segura: Take It Down Tour

Oct 11
Myelination. Dancers, Elizabeth Burke and Christopher Broughton

Dorrance Dance

Oct 19

2019-20 Northrop Season

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Brandford Marsalis and Willy Kunz
theater seats
Tom Segura
Myelination. Dancers, Michelle Dorrance and Byron Tittle

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Presented by Northrop, Institute for Advanced Study and University Honors Program

Films providing contextual background to the Northrop Dance Series.

This exhibit examines the lead-up to and aftermath of the 1969 Morrill Hall takeover at the University of Minnesota.

Jan-Dec 2019