Allana Olson

Stage Manager & Lighting Supervisor

A recent addition to Northrop, Allana Olson joins the team as our Stage Manager and Lighting Technician. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Allana spent nine years working back stage for theater and events as lighting lead, carpenter, props designer, stage manager, and run crew. Allan serves as the lighting expert for Northrop while also helping with other event production needs.

Favorite spot in the new Northrop?
“The first concert I ever went to was at Northrop – Ani Difranco.”

Favorite spot in old/new Northrop?
“My favorite room is the spot light booth, where you can watch all of the pieces and people move like a time lapse video rushing toward opening night. I’m most excited about the state of the art new lighting console and the potential it can offer to visiting companies.”