Justin Burke

Technical Director

Justin, our technical director, started at Northrop in 1997 as stage manager. He toured for ten years, as front of house and systems engineer at Eclips Concert Systems before coming to Northrop. Any production related question goes through Justin who makes sure each performance goes off without a hitch. His biggest accomplishment in his time at Northrop has been taking Northrop on the road for three years during the Revitalization, where we worked with area venues and took our equipment and shows on the road.

His first and/or favorite Northrop memory?
The day he met Mike Damman, our Stage Manager for many years, at the George Benson and Earl Klugh tour at Northrop. Mike and Justin continued to work side by side behind the scenes until Mike's retirement.

If he could meet any artist, living or dead?
“Freddie Mercury, he was a great performer.”