Institute for Advanced Study

Since its inception in 2005, the Institute for Advanced Study has supported and encouraged interdisciplinary and collaborative work, creating intellectual community across and beyond the boundaries of the University. As a University-wide interdisciplinary center, it is a resource for scholars, artists, professionals, and students who are engaged in a wide variety of study and practice. With its support of collaborative research and extensive public programming, it also serves as a bridge between the University and the wider community as a place where people meet and ideas are exchanged.

In Northrop, the IAS will continue its practice of offering lively and extensive public programming that serves as a forum where substantial questions are addressed in creative ways. At IAS public programs, University faculty learn about what their peers are doing, students discover the breadth of research and creative activity at the University, and community members contribute to innovative ideas in a welcoming and unintimidating space. Through its residential fellows (University faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars and artists) and research/creative collaborative programs, the IAS will bring artists, scientists, and scholars from across and beyond the University into Northrop, where they will engage in and share their work. The IAS will be a lively meeting place, not only for scheduled events and presentations, but also unplanned encounters and serious play that facilitate unexpected inspiration, revelation, and collaboration.