A Highly Visceral Experience Tonight!

Sep 11, 2009

With costumes featuring DNA fingerprints of individual dancers, a set designed to fashion the human skeletal system, a wildly stylistic movement vocabulary, and fiercely contrasting musical scores, Wayne McGregor | Random Dance promises to engage the Northrop stage and audience on new, highly visceral levels with its debut performance of Entity. Iconoclast Martha Graham famously endorsed the belief that "movement never lies," an adage her father had given to her as a youth--McGregor integrates the scientific elements of this concept through research conducted with neuroscientists, psychologists, and software engineers over period of three years to explore the origins and complexities of movement within the brain.

As a choreographer routinely working across genres (theatre, opera, film, among others), McGregor brings a masterful eye in communicating ideas through the body. With innovation, fearlessness, intelligence, and undaunted curiosity in investigating the human experience through movement, UK-based Random Dance holds the keys to fundamentally shifting movement and our understanding of it, from the inside-out, neuron by neuron.

Twentieth century novelist and poet, Richard Braunigan advised the world to "Burn all the maps to your body." I suspect the experience of Entity on Friday will do just that--60 minutes with the ensemble of 10 Random dancers and all previous seemingly successful navigations or understandings of the human body will be completely deconstructed and renovated to the point of almost non-recognition (if we are so fortunate!).

Dance as an agent of change in how we see ourselves individually and collectively is what keeps me seeking out as much exposure to it as possible...within the framework of movement, we have the capacity to discover ancient truths housed on cellular levels, the primal roots we all share through the merging of muscles, sinews, and bone.

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