5 Feel-Good Reasons to be Charitable This Year

Dec 10, 2009

This holiday season, I want to share with you some of my favorite year-end reasons to give to Northrop. I challenge you to not feel great about giving!

1. Give a gift, get a gift. You have until December 31 to make a donation and in return receive the gift of a tax benefit on April 15. All gifts to Northrop are completely tax-deductible, which makes giving feel twice as good!

2. Instant gratification. While so many things in December require endless hours of planning, shopping and travel, giving a gift to Northrop takes only a few minutes and a few clicks of your mouse. My favorite part... you can make your gift while wearing slippers and pajamas. Who knew it was so easy to feel so good!  

3. Share the warm fuzzies. Remember the feeling of opening the perfect gift? That's the same feeling Northrop staff gets every time a new contribution comes in. Let's make them feel warm and fuzzy every day until the end of the year!

4. It works every time. Computers crash and cell phones drop calls, but giving to Northrop is always guaranteed. We put your money where it matters most-on the stage and in the community with world-class artists and meaningful outreach to students. So, rest easy and feel good about your smart investment!

5. You are important and appreciated. In a world where it can feel like our efforts often go unrecognized, the most important reason I can think to give to Northrop is that your support is not just recognized but cherished. We wouldn't be here without you, wouldn't even want to be here without you. Give us an excuse to remind you how valued you are!

What are you waiting for? Make your gift here and start feeling good today!

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