Ballet Preljocaj Afterthoughts

Apr 02, 2012

What did you think about the Minnesota debut of Ballet Preljocaj's contemporary retelling of Snow White, based on the Grimm Brothers fairytale?  What did you think of the wall-climbing dwarves? Tell us about your experience.

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Very theatrical!

And very French. Best ballet my wife and I have seen in the Twin Cities ever. Totally unexpected and delightful.

Simply the best ballet performance we've seen in years. If this didn't move you, you got a hole in your soul.

This was the best thing I've seen in a long long time. WOW! The dancing was wonderful. The costumes were gorgeous, flowed beautifully. The sets were spectacular. The dancers we saw on Friday were better than the youtube version. And I loved the dwarves. My only complaint is the sound system. Either the sound system needs to be fixed or the recording was old, but the sound was muddy, sometimes so muddy it was difficult to listen to.

From the opening birth scene, my senses were "taken in" by a profound story-dance of SNOW WHITE. . . As the story unfolded before me, the stepmother began her desire to control. Enchantment continued as the troupe of extremely talented dancers took the stage en masse, beauty all around. Snow White (Virginie Caussin) performed exquisitely with emotions as did her Prince (Sergio Diaz). The 7 dwarves were AMAZING -- a true surprise when they appeared cavorting up and down on the stone wall! The cats added an appeal as they too, cavorted here and there with their egotistical mistress -- all wicked in black. The highlight was the Prince dancing with his "beloved," yet her lovely limp and lifeless body flowed with his impetus and emotions. The two were as ONE. Snow White was awakened by his love, brought back to LIFE! I loved this creative dance rendition --- set to Mahler's symphonies with costumes by the famous Jean Paul Gautier. WHAT A TREAT!!! When Ballet Preljocaj returns to Minneapolis, I'll invite several friends to accompany me for a memorable evening.

The ballet was wonderful. But it's the "same old, same old" problem. Are the sound people DEAF? The music is ALWAYS TOO LOUD. There was an older couple sitting by us and he turned off his hearing aids, while his wife packed her ears with Kleenex. I myself was putting my hand(s) over my ears. Someone suggested bringing ear plugs to the ballets. I don't think the patrons should have to take these kinds of measures in order to enjoy the beauty of the dance.

The best ballet in years and I've been a subscriber since 1975. I am n ot including the years when we had the ABT in town for a week.

If I could have, I would have come back to see it a second time. One engaging scene after another. The amazing scene of the dwarf miners emerging and cavorting on the rocky wall was delightful, but the prince dancing with the lifeless body of Snow White has to be one of the most amazing duets I have ever seen. Every moment of it was totally believable, seemlessly fluid. What a great season this has been, but when I look at the offerings for next season, it appears there are more surprises in store for us.

This was an evening at the ballet I will never forget! It was sensational! And, while I tend to prefer traditional classical ballet, this performance of Snow White was simply astonishing and riveting. We couldn't believe nearly 2 hours had flown by when the curtain went down. I hope they will return to Northrop -- soon and often! And we loved having no intermission.

I have been coming to the Northrup's dance programs since the early 80"s. SnowWhite was arguably the best dance production I haave seen.

Enjoyed the story. Interesting and tender beginning with the king enjoying his daughter so much. I thought the Queen was too strident, hard to do in that role, but she accomplished it. The pas de deux with the prince and his princess was lovely- but why did she have such a saggy costume? It distracted me. I loved the dwarves also.

I didn't think the ballet fantastic throughout (although it was certainly at its worst still very good), but the duet between the Prince and the deceased Snow White may be the most brilliant, most stunning dance I have ever seen. The choreography was flawless and its execution even better, a gorgeous partnering with absolute precision on Snow White's part in keeping the lifeless appearance, loose and limp at all of the right moments, while maintaining elegant form; and the intense emotion and strength of the Prince was the perfect compliment.

I don't usually go to the ballet shows that the Northrop offers (I'm more of a lover of modern/contemporary dance), but this show looked too good to pass up - and it was! This is one of the best performances I've ever seen throughout my years attending with the Northrop. The only complaint I could share regarding the performance was (as mentioned by another patron) the sound quality. The music was too loud, to the point of having hiss and crackle in the speakers. The good news, however - I loved everything else about the show. The sets and lighting were fantastic, the dancers were magnificent and the choreography was delightful. This is also one of the few shows I've attended where the dancers seemed to be truly enjoying themselves during the show. Bravo! and Merci pour cette belle soirée! One additional note I wanted to make: I appreciate the Community involvement around the shows this year. There have been some very interesting events hosted by the Library and - with this show - involving student organization at the U of M campus. Thank you for bringing our communities more to life and giving our students the opportunity to collaborate with events like this.

I agree with your comments-- "spot on"!

Magical! The stunning performance showcased the nimble athleticism of the entire company, the clever costuming, and the brilliant staging. All came together to please the most diverse of dance fans. Please come back!

Theatrics do not make great dance. Choreography that is dominated by arm swings does not, on its own, propel a dancer through time and space gracefully or powerfully. Gimics such as climbing walls and patty-cake circles do not add to a good dance performance but distract from it. Such techniques might fill time and serve to mask mediocre chreography. Although forcefully creative with an occassional flash of brilliance, we thought the choreography was generally pedestrian and would not challenge strong dancers to show their mettle. Consequently, we are not certain there were strong dancers on the floor. Most distracting and disturbing was the ineffective reliance on the Adagietto from Mahlers 5th for the dance with the dead Snow White. Not only was the choreography (again) pedestrian, but it was somewhat insulting to watch such a poorly conceived pas de deaux built on the pioneering of Gerald Arpino's Round of Angels. Preljocaj should have thought twice about taking this risk. We are gald that we saw this performance, but we didn't like it very much.

An outstanding ballet in every respect -- talented dancers, innovative choreography, excellent costumes, ingenious lighting, great music and equally great silences. One small recommendation: Sitting for two hours without a break is a little wearisome. A 20 minute intermission would have been most welcome.

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