Dress Up as a Dancer For Halloween!

Oct 26, 2010

Halloween is almost here, and you know what terrifies me most? Not having a costume! If you are scrambling for a last-minute costume like me, why not give credit to one of your favorite dancers by dressing as them for the upcoming holiday? I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of dancers for you to pick from. Choose wisely!

Michael Jackson: The King of Pop
To get this look just right, you will need the signature red leather jacket with zippered detail, worn over a white, v-neck t-shirt. Tight fitting black pants (short enough to show tall white socks) are also a must. Hair, two words: Jerry curls. Above all, you will need a single white sequined glove, worn on the right hand. Also, you might want to practice the moon walk for the big reveal, it is always a crowd pleaser.

Patrick Swayze: The Dirty Dancer
The center of Swayze's world: fitted tank-tops. You can choose between white or black, but you will undoubtedly need some fitted back jeans to match. Throw on a leather jacket, slap on some hair gel, and you are ready to go! Pretty girl and great arms sold separately.

Shirley Temple: The Sweetheart
No, not the drink. I am talking about one of the cutest and most talented kids of all time! Known for her curly locks, you will need some serious hairspray and a curling iron that won't quit. As for clothes, you can choose from a baby-doll dress, a baby-doll dress, or a baby-doll dress.

Fred Astaire: The Flawless Gentleman
Dig out that old neck tie from your sister's wedding, 'cause you are gonna need it! You will also need to search for a white dress shirt, without stains. Next, find a suit coat... with tails! Embellish the suit coat with a flower and a silk handkerchief in the pocket. Close the look with a top hat and cane! If you have a girlfriend, talk her into being Ginger Rogers; the two of you can dance the night away!

Anna Pavlova: The Ballerina
A beauty to all who've seen her, Anna was known for her grace and brilliance. To really transform into Pavlova, you will need posture. I can't tell you how to get that, but I heard somewhere that if you walk around with books on your head, it helps. As for the costume, it's simple! Pink tights, pink dance shoes, and a pink tutu! Anna often wore her hair in soft curls, complete with beautiful hair pieces. Put together some feathers and flowers, pin them in your hair, and your look is complete!

The Nicholas Brothers: The Tapping Team
Want to dress up with a friend? Be the Nicholas Brothers! This dynamic duo was known to be daring, acrobatic, and tap-tastic!  Sound like you and your brother? All you need is two of everything! Two suit coats, two bow ties, two pairs of slacks, and two mustaches!

Well, there you have it! Get your groove on this Halloween as the dancer of your choice!

-Allyson Taubenheim
Marketing Intern and U of M Student

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