Hey Cupid, it’s time.

Feb 04, 2010

Are you out of ideas? Just too busy? You can't decide? Whatever the reason for the delay, you haven't prepared for Valentine's Day. Don't fall into the age-old routine of buying a card, flowers, and a box of chocolates; make a change. Do something special this Valentine's Day!

Think back. Remember how your heart began to dance the first time you met your significant other? Keep it dancing by attending Northrop's performance of Pilobolus Valentines weekend! This multi-award winning dance troupe is known for its imaginative and athletic exploration of creative collaboration. Blending acrobatics with reality and illusions in a classic mind-morphing repertoire, this performance is sure to spoil your sweetheart.

And since it is, in fact, a Valentine's Day... it lasts for 24 hours. That's 1,440 minutes dedicated to your lover. So be creative! Keep their heart singing by slipping two tickets to Northrop's Swedish Radio Choir into a home-made card, make a delicious candlelight dinner for two, and don't forget to remind that special someone how much you love them. 

- Allyson Taubenheim, Marketing Intern



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