Paul Taylor Dance Company Afterthoughts

Dec 01, 2010

Thank you for attending the impressive performance of the Paul Taylor Dance Company! We hope you enjoyed the work of the greatest living force in modern dance. What did you think about his masterpiece Esplanade? Did you love the costumes in Cloven Kingdom? Tell us about your experience by posting your thoughts and don't forget to check out our photos from the Performance Preview on Flickr and the video below.

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I first saw esplanade 30 years ago. I wasn't a dance fan at the time, never exposed as a child. That performance 30 years ago changed my life. To see it again was a real joy. We'll see how it changes my life now. Genius is so rare. I feel compelled to use the grace and connection I saw last night for any leverage I can in my own plodding struggles of personal compromise and commitment to others.

Magic! It took my breath away.

Amazing show! Made up for the stress of finding a parking spot and the terrible sight lines in the auditorium. I missed all the floor action but everything standing was terrific.

Both my friend and I felt that the first dance, "Cloven Kingdom", was by far the most energized, enjoyable and impressive work of the three dances performed last night. The costumes were wonderful, as well. "Brief Encounters" seemed more like an interesting experiment rather than a terrific dance. The minimalist costumes, which came across as underwear or bathing suits, were a disappointment. "Esplanade" was lovely in some parts, but dragged in other parts. A lot of running around the stage.

Firstly, I attended thanks to Project Success and I have to express my gratitude to Northrup management for taking part in that program. The Paul Taylor performance was amazing. I was reminded of Korean Ribbon dancing, Bohemian dance chaos and had a vision of musical noted floating off the page and performing for themselves instead of waiting for a musician to come along. I especially loved the second piece and the way lighting was used to adjust he viewers perception of skin color. The dancers went from being positively irridescent to disappearing completely save for an outline. It realy made me think about race and our societal reaction to a person's skin. Plus, the whole thing was just plain old beautiful. Thank you so much to Mr Taylor, the dancers, Northrup Auditorium and Project Success.

I truly loved the performance! It was a treat to see older and newer work of the Company. Thank you, Northrop, for continuing to bring to Minneapolis new and established dance talent.

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