Paul Taylor: The King of Everyday Movement

Nov 22, 2010

Paul Taylor is the king of everyday, expressive movement. Taylor continues to choreograph works for the Paul Taylor Dance Company that connect with audience members on the most basic human levels. Instinct, freedom, beauty-these are only a few of the themes that arise in his pieces, specifically in the three selections of repertoire the company will perform at Northrop this month. Brief Encounters, Cloven Kingdom, and Esplanade challenge our perspectives on relationships between people, and between our human and animal natures.

You may have seen one of these stickers on Taylor posters around campus. Feel free to take one and wear it proudly; you will be representing an icon of modern dance. And don't forget to experience Taylor's work on Nov. 30 at Northrop.

-Allison Hall is a senior undergraduate studying journalism and graphic design at the University of Minnesota. She created this project as part of JOUR 4990: Covering the Arts: New Media, New Paradigms from Criticism to Communications.


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