See Noguchi at Northrop

Nov 04, 2009

Isamu Noguchi is coming to the U of M!

There's a Noguchi wave about to hit the U of M campus with a bang! On Nov 12, the Martha Graham Dance Company performs their recently restaged masterwork, Clytemnestra, featuring the set design of the legendary and mind-bogglingly talented sculptor, Isamu Noguchi.  Also, from Nov 9 to Dec 20, the HGA Gallery in Rapson Hall is displaying over 30 years of famous dance work sets coming from the Noguchi Museum.

Together Graham and Noguchi have revolutionized set designs from their very first collaboration of Frontier (1935) when the pioneers created three-dimensional shapes to replace the typical backdrops more often used in dance settings.  Breaking away from this normalcy evolved into a 30-year collaboration, with Noguchi creating more than 20 innovative sets for Graham.

Noguchi's emblematic organic curves, obscure angles and exaggerated corners have been known to create dramatic illusions to the story as well as leave the dancers with bangs and bruises from trying to utilize them.  In Clytemnestra the pieces represent tangible props such as beds, thrones and palace chambers, evoking the inner spaces of mind and memory and accentuating the dramatic scenes.  

Even if you're not a dance enthusiast, make sure you don't miss this once in a lifetime display of Noguchi.


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