Somi and Thomasina Afterthoughts

Oct 21, 2010

Thanks for being part of our new Northrop Jazz: Live at the Campus Club. Did you like this pair of jazz singers? What did you like about the new venue? Are you going to see Somi sing at Urban Bush Women after seeing her perform tonight? Join in the conversation by posting your thoughts and check out our photographs on Flickr.

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Friday evening's season opener was absolutely wonderful. I had never attended a performance at the old venue, so I cannot compare it. It is hard to imagine, however, any venue being better for jazz than the Campus Club. The mood, the lighting, the intimacy--all of these things were superb. Last, but not least, Somi was magnificent. I had fallen in love with her voice via her recordings, but in person it was even better. Her soft voice, when combined with her incredible range, had me alternately slack-jawed and smiling from ear-to-ear. I truly believe I had the pleasure of hearing a person who in the future will be considered one of the great jazz singers, and I got to hear and see her from just a few feet away.

Enjoyed Somi & Thomasina! Excellent venue! Terrific views and easy parking. Tweek the quality of the food offerings a bit :( See you next time. Thanks :)

A great evening overall.......*****. Wonderful performers --- loved the diversity Beautiful venue - The Campus Club room was perfect! Along with the view, the acoustics, seating options, lighting and room temperature provided for a very comfortable setting. Agree with an earlier comment --- the menu should be expanded and include desserts, coffee, and after dinner drinks. Looking forward to the upcoming Spring Events.....

Awesome...........I went right out that week and bought CDs by Somi. Already had one from Thomasina. The campus club setting was so comfortable and the view was beautiful, both from the room and from the deck during intermission. I will definitely come to the next one. Exicted to find out who will be there. Have told all my friends about the evening and the entertainers. Please be sure I am on your email list when the tickets become available;. Linda

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