The Universal Experience of a Show

Jan 12, 2012

I love working Northrop show nights. I'm a fan of people-watching in the lobby. The audience members dressed to impress, the brisk air coming through the doors in short bursts, followed by the roar of traffic, the flickering of street lights, and the musky scent of perfume and cologne clinging to everyone's clothes.

Inside the auditorium, I find my seats, and do the awkward shuffle to squeeze past to my spot. The theater lights darken, heart rates quicken in anticipation. Friends and families stop their chattering, and all eyes are focused on the majestic red curtain. 

Finally, the curtain rises, and dance happens, right there, just for this audience in this exact, private moment. I am pulled into the performance, the concentration of the dancers, the sheer physicality and strength of their art. I forget everything else, except what is happening on stage.

These are utterly relatable, personal moments of experiencing a live show. What are your most exhilarating moments during a show? Your favorite memory of attending a Northrop Dance event? That excitement and personal connection is something that should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, sometimes it's not.

That's where the importance of Northrop's extensive community outreach and engagement is best recognized. Audiences that can't afford tickets or people who don't hear about these performances are reached through partnerships with other community organizations, or through subsidized tickets thanks to generous grants. Community outreach is one of many strengths that make Northrop stand out. For example, with the upcoming Jin Xing Dance Theatre Shanghai performance, there are two public access community engagement opportunities with two free public events: A Public Interview with Jin Xing, and our Performance Preview. And that's not all: stay tuned for an announcement for exciting upcoming community engagement events for Ballet Preljocaj, and more!

Art should be accessible for everyone. We're working hard to make sure that statement rings true at every Northrop performance.

Enjoy the rest of the season!

~Melissa Wray, Northrop Marketing & Communications Associate

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