When life hands you Handler...

Mar 25, 2010

I was cautioned at a young age that there are certain things little girls just shouldn't say or do, like swear, sit with their legs apart, or tell Grandma that she smells like banana-nut bread and old socks.

Thank god I didn't listen. 

If I listened to everything I was told, I wouldn't have played spin the bottle with my stinky neighbor Teddy, traded my PB&J's for Pokémon cards, or watched television shows like Chelsea Latley;  what a depressing life that would be.

Through my rebellious existence of finger sucking, fence hopping, and groin kicking, I learned where the excitement in life comes from. It comes from those who don't play by the rules. (See Chelsea Handler)

This fast-rising, female comedian from New Jersey is known for saying what may be on your mind, but would never come out of your mouth.  A true trailblazer, Chelsea has forged her own path, (complete with a top-rated television show and three New York Times Best Selling books) exposing her fearless humor and wit.

And lucky you, she is coming to Minneapolis on April 3rd.

If you already have plans, avoid them like the plague. Tell your banana-nut grandmother you have to cancel and ditch your red-headed sister. This show will indisputably be better than anything else you could cook up on a Saturday night.


-Ally Taubenheim,
Marketing Intern


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Haha, this blog post is funny! and makes me SO EXCITED TO SEE CHELSEY!!!

Hahaha! Yesssssss!!! So excited that Chelsea is coming to Northrop... it's gonna be so good!

Go home to follow family tradition in the events of celebrating the rise of Jesus...or go to Minneapolis and enjoy the show of Miss Handler herself, thus skipping grandma's racist antics for the year...?? Get me a bottle of Belvedere for the road... Minnesota or bust...

Wow I am really impressed with this blog.... You have a gift. - See you in 5 years

Me too!!! That was amazing what you wrote Ally!!! You need to stick with this talent if it is what you love!!!!!

I have tickets for the second show and can't wait to see what is in store for us! Maybe more about 'The Shocker' 'Hot Carl' and fighting with Jesse James' 'Bombshell'?? Ha. It's going to be a night to remember!!

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