Presented by Institute for Advanced Study

Blue Dream Journeys: Ananya Dance Theatre

Northern Spark 2014
Jun 2014
About the Event


Ananya Chatterjea Ananya Chatterjea
Photo by V. Paul Virtucio

"Blue Dream Journeys" invites audiences to interact with performers as they move through a set of obstacles towards a space where dreams become real. “Blue Dream Journeys” is an audience participatory performance that will begin inside the doors of the east ground level entrance and culminate inside the Hubbard Broadcasting Rehearsal Studio. Performances featuring Ananya Dance Theatre, guest artists, and live musicians will happen every hour, beginning on the hour, from 9pm to 1am.

Audiences are invited to join with performers in moving through a labyrinth of reflection that begins inside the doors of the east ground level entrance and wends its way into the building to arrive beneath designer Jack Becker’s cloudscape installation in the Hubbard Broadcasting Rehearsal Studio. There, the performers and their community of witnesses will celebrate their imagined dreams through dance and live music curated by Greg Schutte.

Inspired by stories of women’s aspirations to achieve daunting dreams, "Blue Dream Journeys" moves metaphorically from the midnight blues of past pain and lost hope towards the red-tinged blues of a future dawn where dreams become manifest.