Chabad Presents

A Historic Evening With Anne Frank's Stepsister Eva Schloss

Oct 2019
About the Event

Anne Frank is arguably the most recognized victim of the atrocities of the Holocaust. A mere 75 years after WWII, her harrowing tale of persecution and courage--in the form of her diary--is sometimes the only exposure many of today’s youth have to that dark period of our history.

There has never been a more critical time for this crucial message of tolerance and understanding, and there is perhaps no more worthy messenger then Anne Frank’s very own stepsister, Eva Schloss.

Schloss is a Holocaust survivor, peace activist, international speaker, teacher, and a humanitarian. Her goal is a world free from hate and fighting.

Schloss has an incredible story of survival, grit, loss and ultimate triumph of the human spirit against all odds. She now travels the globe to spread a message to others to value kindness, diversity, tolerance and our common humanity.

Presented by Chabad.