Presented by The Institute for Advanced Study and ¡Sacabuche!

Italy Invades Poland!

May 2014
About the Event


Photo courtesy of ¡Sacabuche!

¡Sacabuche!, an early music ensemble directed by Linda Pearse, plays music which demonstrates the ways in which expressive Italian music of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries spread throughout the courts and musical life of Europe, particularly Poland. Italian innovations in musical style and expression included a heightened sensitivity to text expression, the better to move the affections of the listener. The addition of basso continuo resulted in greater freedom of expression for instrumentalists, which coincided with a growing desire on the part of composers to better express the emotional intent of texts that they were setting to music. The new style spread through the courts and musical life of Europe, mixing with local influences. The performance features concerted works for voices, sackbuts, and violins. Composers whose work will be performed include: Grzgorz Gerwazy Gorczycki, Adam Jarzębski, Jacek Hyancithus Rózycki, Mikoŀaj Zieleński, Marcin Mielczewski and Stanislaw Sylwester Szarzyński.

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