Northrop Presents

Mapleview Lounge

Student Sound 2016
Oct 2016
About the Event

Attending the same elementary school, Will, Peter, and Taylor started their first garage band, Captain Underpants and the Boxcar Children, in 2007 as childhood friends. In the next decade, the band name evolved along with their style of music. By 2014, they had thrown away their recorders and gone electronic, performing and releasing music under the name Mapleview Lounge.

Mapleview Lounge draws inspiration from the on-the-go lifestyle of college as well as the foibles and personality crises that naturally occur at an age in which people both solidify their identities and quickly become bored with them.

PERFORMANCE NOTE: The first three rows of the audience may become coated with watermelon.

Student Sound is a lunch-hour concert series sponsored by Northrop that features U of M student bands.