Northrop Presents


Student Sound 2016
Oct 2016
About the Event

Mayfield is a five-piece band based in Minneapolis. Characterized by their energetic live shows and original sound, Mayfield represents the unique culture of the city they were formed in. Their music draws on their hometown's independent hip-hop and rock scenes, tapping into the best of both worlds. 

Max Finke, Kevin Noonan, and Mario Stokes started jamming on the University of Minnesota campus in 2010. In need of a rhythm section and new musical input, the band added Ted Tiffany on bass and Brandon Ford on drums in the summer of 2014. The new members contributed immediately to the group, bringing additional influences of reggae and indie and Mayfield was born. 

Mayfield’s first studio release was the single, “Happenings.” Showcasing the group’s ability to address serious subjects, “Happenings” proved that Mayfield could balance the varying influences within the group to produce a cohesive and meaningful product. 

Student Sound is a lunch-hour concert series sponsored by Northrop that features U of M student bands.